Before Chris was Big Friendly Jones he performed and released music as Mister Jones and His Guitar from 2010-2020.  Notable achievements included playing over 100 gigs, a featured set in Vienna, support slots for Stornaway and  Emily Capell, and playing to a sold out audience with a full band at his 'Somewhere New EP launch' that was held at the Brunswick Cellar Bar in Brighton. 

Another highlight was his collaboration with The Animation Workshop in Denmark for his song 'My Metal Friend'.  After writing the song he went searching the web for video ideas and stumbled across an animation called 'Girl & Robot' which suited the song so much he approached the creators who agreed to collaborating - you can see the result here.

He also recorded and self released a handful of EP's and a couple of albums which are all still available to stream/download on Bandcamp here.

Really catchy tunes, great lyrics and an album you will listen to over and over” - Phoenix FM
Such a friendly, unassuming and charming act, that it should be no surprise that they write charming songs. What is heart warming and surprising is just how bloody disarming those songs can be.” - Beatnik Events
Couldn't have asked for a more electric atmosphere last night” - Overhead Wires Music